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Fighting To End Childhood Hunger


With the overwhelming increased unemployment (and underemployment) rates, the reality is that Childhood hunger is increasing daily and will continue to do so. Nearly one out of four children in America are currently facing hunger. Unfortunately, it’s likely that these children will endure lifelong consequences as hunger makes children more prone to illness and other health issues as a result of having limited access to nutritious foods.


During the school year, many children receive free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch through the School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs. But when school lets out, those children are still in need of healthy meals. Lack of nutrition after school and during the summer months may set up a cycle for poor performance once school begins again. Freedom Within Walls’ feeding programs are designed to provide assistance in that nutrition gap, ensuring that children get the nutritious meals they need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when they are not in school.

Freedom Within Walls has developed feeding programs, in which we purchase, prepare and distribute full, healthy meals for dinner and a healthy afternoon snack to over 1,500 children after school daily throughout the school year.  Throughout the summer, we operate our Summer Food Service Program in which we purchase, prepare and distribute full, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner to over 5,000 underserved children daily throughout the entire summer.   We are assisting in providing a door of opportunity for the youth in our communities to enjoy a healthier quality of life while reducing Childhood hunger through these programs. By helping to improve children’s diets and eating habits, these programs produce healthy and revived students ready to positively impact their world and others around them.

Our Locations

If you would like your child to receive a free healthy snack or supper each day after school or breakfast, lunch and/or snack each day throughout the summer, they can be served at one of the following locations:

South Carolina

Greenville County

Freedom LEADership Program 

804 Mauldin Road, Greenville

Kroc Center

424 Westfield Street, Greenville 

Oak Pointe Potential

130 Arrowhead Ct, Greenville

Bundle of Joy                                                       

402 Fowler Road, Simpsonville

Anderson County

Belton Pentecostal Holiness Church: KidzClub After School

104 W. Calhoun Rd, Belton

York County

The Exchange 424 @ Rock Hill Gym

400 Mt. Gallant Road, Rock Hill

Lion's Pride at Riverwalk Academy

5750 MT Gallant Rd, Rock Hill

North Carolina

Mecklenburg County


Afterschool Construction Zone                 

3509 David Cox Rd Ste M, Charlotte


Albemarble Rd. Rec

5027 Idlewild Rd N, Charlotte


Brookstone School

301 S. Davidson St., Charlotte


Central Pointe Apts

4933 Central Avenue, Charlotte


Fuzion Force

6234 Old Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte


LHC Central United

6030 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte


LHC St. Andrews

1901 Archdale Drive, Charlotte



6824 Tuckaseegee Rd, Charlotte

Mountain Island Day

1209 Little Rock Rd, Charlotte

New Bethel COG     

1520 Little Rock Road, Charlotte



Pressley Ridge Apts

1301 Pressley Road, Charlotte


The Exchange

635 Pressley Rd, Charlotte


Youth Leadership Academy

210 E. Arrowhead Dr. Ste. 01, Charlotte


YWCA Albemarble

5027 N. Idlewild Rd., Charlotte


YWCA Leafcrest

6513 Leafcrest Ln, Charlotte


YWCA Park Road

3420 Park Road, Charlotte


YWCA Southside

435 Fairwood Ln, Charlotte


YWCA Sunridge

4005 Sunridge Ln., Charlotte


YWCA Tuckaseegee

4820 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte


Click the button below if you are interested in having Freedom Within Walls sponsor meals at your After-School or Summer Program, Apartment Complex, Recreation Center, Vacation Bible School or in a neighborhood with children needing meals.

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