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Freedom Within Walls exists to equip children and families to break through systemic barriers. Through our programming, families are utilizing opportunities, tools and resources to obtain freedom holistically. 

In 2009, FREEDOM WITHIN WALLS was established in hopes of extinguishing hunger among children and providing enrichment programs for those impoverished. Our mission is to repair, cultivate, and uplift individuals in challenging situations and circumstances by providing nutritional, recreational, and educational programs and opportunities.  


Becoming overwhelmingly aware of the alarming demographic of children, who, due to the lack of supervision from working parents and/or economical restraints do not receive nutritional meals at home, FREEDOM WITHIN WALLS developed feeding programs in which we purchase and distribute healthy snacks and meals for over 5,000 underserved children throughout the year. Each program is designed to provide assistance for the nutrition gap in underserved communities, ensuring that children get the nutritious meals they need when school lets out.  ​Since serving our first meal in 2010, Freedom Within Walls has served over 2,000,000 meals and impacted the lives of over 25,000 families through feeding and educational enrichment programming and various community provision initiatives.

In addition to the Feeding Programs successfully operated over the past 8 years, Freedom Within Walls continuously develops various After-School and Community Programs in the South Carolina Upstate and Charlotte, North Carolina Metropolitan areas. In addition, Freedom Within Walls is also currently developing various Summer Academic Enrichment Programs focused on holistic upward mobility and self-sufficiency for youth and adults.

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